Engaging students through personalized outreach | Recent Work

three young people jumping in snowy background

The Client and the Problem Bottom Line helps low-income and first-generation students get to and through college. Across four regional sites and in at least as many states, the organization supports over 8,000 students in their pursuit of higher education. Doing personalized advising work at such scale inevitably results in some students who are less…

Story Listening

Stories make strategies and policies personal. The experiences and circumstances of real people serve to humanize contentious political discourse and give weight to larger trends. I’m passionate about crafting similar narratives and learning experiences, sharing these opportunities for growth and understanding, and contributing to lasting change in our world. My voice is an amplifier; I look forward to handing others the mic.

Standards Deviation

Yesterday, a class of my students repeating Earth Science took the January Regents in our subject. The Regents are summative state tests, and high school graduation in NY state is contingent upon passage of at least five of these exams (1 math, 1 english, 1 science, and Global and US Histories). If past performance gives…