Informational Interview Preparation | Career Search Keys – Advice and Tips

Informational interviews let you glean valuable information for a career change, move a job search forward, and simultaneously build meaningful professional relationships. Here are five skills to hone that will help you learn others’ stories, have engaging, productive conversations, and develop your network.

Career Search Keys: Landing Meaningful Informational Interviews

Informational interviewing has plenty of value to offer job searchers, career changers, or simply those looking to develop professionally while expanding their networks. Whether you’re struggling to get your cover letter and resume noticed by your dream employer, or just aren’t quite sure what to do next in your career, informational interviewing is a strategy worthy of adding to your repertoire. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by who’s willing to make your process a little more positive. Here are five keys to successfully landing informational interviews, learning others’ stories, and building lasting professional relationships.

Defining the Problem; Envisioning a Solution

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Originally included in Empowering Innovators, 2018.  At the Global Leaders Program, we believe Chicago-area youth possess the innate ability to create great change, and through the program, we cultivate the natural talent and capacity for innovation of Chicago's underserved populations. Specifically, we aim to increase access and resources for those from backgrounds historically underrepresented in STEM:…