Project Elements: Interviewing, Research, Writing, Project Management

Better Together: Expanding Access and Opportunity Through Community-Based Organization and College Partnerships, a report produced by the American Talent Initiative and College Greenlight, makes the case for how community-based organizations (CBOs) are best positioned to provide that assistance, connecting thousands of talented minority and first-generation students and students from lower-income backgrounds to the colleges and universities they deserve to attend. For young people with limited postsecondary exposure and resources, decisions about applying, traveling to, and attending college are fraught with uncertainty, made even more challenging by complex application, financial aid, and enrollment processes. For these students, the potential impact of a trusted partner cannot be understated. Studies show that CBOs can generate promising gains in academic engagement, applications for financial aid, and postsecondary enrollment, remedying longstanding imbalances in the supports that students can leverage to access needed resources or advice.

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