Social media strategy and analytical tools are of vital importance, especially to startups and small businesses strapped for cash and time. Presented through a partnership between The Next Web and SimplyMeasured (since acquired by Sprout Social), this project centered on the creation of original, evergreen content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy informed topic generation. Articles addressed a variety of content marketing and social media management strategies, and endeavored to provide content creators with practical, actionable insights to move them towards their goals on social media. Each piece of content garnered thousands of unique social shares, with tens of thousands of views and impressions.

Articles and topics for the series were optimized for organic search and social sharing, earning an average of 2,800+ shares/post.

Examples of the final product published on TNW:

Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Business? 

9 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following (ethically)

For this project, my partners were dispersed between Amsterdam, London, and Seattle. Our creative process and workflow integrated editorial stakeholders across widely disparate time zones, providing experience in collaborating with a truly distributed team.



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